CCW Ducati Throttle Position Sensors

All 4 varieties of California Cycleworks Ducati Throttle Position Sensors - 4th listing also suits Harley Davidson Throttle Position Sensor rerplacement.


Note from CCW:

Custom manufactured for Ca Cycleworks by an OE provider, all of our TPS fit exactly. In another industry first, we manufactured a custom testing bench for our TPSs using an Arduino Mega embedded controller and a stepper motor. Using our 3D printing prototyping, we then made a 54 tooth 1:3 reduction gear for the stepper motor incorporated into a throttle shaft that feeds into the TPS to be tested. To test, the throttle shaft is moved in 3 degree increments and the 30+ points of data are analyzed to ensure your TPS's performance.

Our test bench has 3 modules used to test the 4 different TPS models we sell. Testing the PF1C and IPF2C/B were relatively easy, however the C programming to calculate the non-linear cross-over point (or knee) wasn't a trivial task.

The testing our TPSs must pass before selling to you is so strict that some OEM parts won't even pass!






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Ducati Throttle Position Sensor TPS

Premium Quality CCW Ducati Throttle Position Sensors - TPS

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PF09 Ducati Throttle Position Sensor Only £69.95 inc Post (+£4.95 for International Shipping)



Ducati Superbike 998
Ducati Superbike 996R
Ducati Superbike 996
Ducati Superbike 916
Ducati Superbike 748
Ducati Superbike 888
Ducati Superbike 851


Ducati Sport Touring ST2 (check your TPS as some markets use PF3C)
Ducati Sport Touring ST3 (2004-2005)
Ducati Sport Touring ST4


Ducati Monster S4 (all)
Ducati Monster S4R desmoquattro (2003-2006)





PF3C Ducati Throttle Position Sensor Only £68.95 inc Post (+£4.95 for International Shipping)



Ducati Monster 1000 (2003)
Ducati Monster 900ie (2000-2003)
Ducati Monster 750 ie (2000-2003)
Ducati Monster 620 (2002-2004)
Ducati Monster 400 (2005)


Ducati Superbike 748R


Ducati Supersport 1000 (2003)
Ducati Supersport 900ie (1998-2002)
Ducati Supersport 800 (2003)
Ducati Supersport 750 (1998-2002)
Ducati Supersport "Sport" 800 (2003)
Ducati Supersport "Sport" 750 (2001)
Ducati Supersport "Sport"620 (2003)


Ducati Sport Touring ST2 (1998-2002) Check your TPS as some markets use PF09


Ducati MH900e


Moto Guzzi California





IPF2 C/B Ducati Throttle Position Sensor Only £53.95 inc Post (+£4.95 for International Shipping)

Throttle Position Sensor, IPF2 C/B


Ducati Superbike 749
Ducati Superbike 848
Ducati Superbike 999
Ducati Superbike 1098
Ducati Superbike 1198


Ducati Streetfighter 1098
Ducati Streetfighter 848


Ducati Monster w/Testa heads S4Rs (all)
Ducati Monster S4R (2007)


Ducati Sport Touring ST3 (2006+)





PF1C Ducati Throttle Position Sensor Only £53.95 inc Post (+£4.95 for International Shipping)



Ducati Monster 1100
Ducati Monster S2R1000
Ducati Monster S2R800
Ducati Monster M1000 (2004+)
Ducati Monster 800
Ducati Monster 796
Ducati Monster 695


Ducati Multistrada 1100
Ducati Multistrada 1000 (all years)


Ducati Hypermotard 1100
Ducati Hypermotard 796 (all years)


Ducati Sport Classic 1000


Ducati Supersport  1000
Ducati Supersport  800 (2004+)


Ducati Multistrada 620 


Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle FLHRSEI2
Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle FLHTCSE
Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle FLHTCSE2
Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle FLSTFSE (2003-2005)
Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle FLSTFSE2 (2003-2005)


Harley Davidson FLHRCI
Harley Davidson FLHRI
Harley Davidson FLHRSI
Harley Davidson FLHTI (2002-2005)
Harley Davidson FLHTI CI (2002-2005)
Harley Davidson FLHTI CUI (2002-2005)


Harley Davidson FLSTCI
Harley Davidson FLSTFI
Harley Davidson FLSTNI
Harley Davidson FLSTSI (2001-2005)
Harley Davidson FLSTSI CI (2001-2005)


Harley Davidson FLRTI (2002-2005)


Harley Davidson FXDI (2004-2005)
Harley Davidson LI (2004-2005)
Harley Davidson WGI (2004-2005)
Harley Davidson X (2004-2005)
Harley Davidson XI (2004-2005)
Harley Davidson CI (2004-2005)


Harley Davidson FXST (2001-2005)
Harley Davidson FXST I (2001-2005)
Harley Davidson FXST BI (2001-2005)
Harley Davidson FXST DI (2001-2005)
Harley Davidson FXST SI (2001-2005)


Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 1200C
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 1200L
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 1200N
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 1200R
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 883
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 883C
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 883L
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters 883R
Harley Davidson XL Sporsters XL50 (2007-2008)





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