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  • Ron (Monday, March 13 23 04:46 pm GMT)

    We bought the set. Fits perfectly, works perfectly and looks real nice!

  • Ian Cameron (Saturday, November 07 20 07:00 am GMT)

    I just fitted a set of Exact start cables on to my 996. Very simple. Immediately the bike cranks over faster and starts quicker. Worth the money for sure.

  • Chris Horton (Saturday, February 04 17 03:44 pm GMT)

    I prchased some cam locking tools from you last week. I have just fitted belts to my wife's Monster 696 and the tools made this a breeze. Top service great quality. Thank you

    Chris Horton

  • Matt Riggall (Thursday, August 25 16 05:48 pm BST)

    I had been living with slow cranking on my 996 SPS, but after fitting the cable upgrade kit the starting was transformed!
    Easy to fit, clear instructions and great service.
    A must for any 996 owner.

  • Andy lavender (Monday, May 09 16 06:30 pm BST)

    Hi Guys

    I just had to email you with a little more in depth feedback. I have to admit being a little sceptical that this kit could fix the problem let alone make the outstanding difference to my 1098 it has.
    The kit arrived rapidly and on opening it i was struck by the quality of the instructions with some very clear photographs and directions. I was impressed that everything you need was included, the
    only thing I was surprised was missing was a tool list but hey thats prety obviouse. When you come to do it. The whole job is easily carried out and the end result was truely amazing, before fiting
    the bike would not turn over after spun up and fired in seconds. The whole bike rides and runs better and even if left a couple of days starts with prior to fitting not a chance without an opitmizer.
    Thank you very much £80 does seem on the face of it to be a lot for 3 cables but once fitted they are priceless.

  • Geoff garland (Sunday, June 14 15 02:28 pm BST)

    Bought the extra earth wire for my 999s. Transformed the bike - now starting on the button first time every time, and the time clock stays correct!
    Was sceptical before, now just amazed. Best extra I've added to the bike in the 7 years I've owned it

  • Rich (Friday, June 05 15 06:59 pm BST)

    Great communication and delivery from Exact UK. I had the High Output Coils fitted in half an hour, my 900SS now starts instantly on the button. Slow speed running is a lot smoother and the bike
    picks up a lot better too. A highly recommended modification.

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